National Novel Writing Month

 Wow, what an original title. Way to put virtually no effort into naming your first serious blog post, Michael. 


 Anyway, I cannot deny the factual accuracy and relevance of that title. NaNoWriMo is almost upon us/me and I aim to take this challenge very seriously. I attempted it last year, but my school classes were more of a challenge and were more time-consuming. However, after my refinement of my own writing (including classes and my own labours), I am ready to tackle this literary beast yet again! 

 As it turns out, I still have the fruits of my labour from the last NaNoWriMo and even more surprising is the fact that I DON’T want to just destroy all copies of it and deny its very existence. Granted, it’s about as good as a science-fiction story developed from the start of the month can be when I had to juggle college work, a social life, and my 8th re-watching of Firefly. That last one is justified on the grounds that it was SUPPOSED to give me artistic inspiration. Needless to say, the disappointing result has caused us to not speak to each other for some time.  I AM NOT QUICK TO FORGIVE. KNOW IT NOW.

 Ahem. Anyway, yes, I probably should have posted this page after I post my general “Why Does This Blog Even Exist” post. But what the hey, it’s almost eleven-thirty and I couldn’t count the things I COULD be doing on my toes and fingers together… THERE IS NO BETTER TIME! CLEARLY! To continue on my point, I want to take my old writing from the past NaNoWriMo and critique it, ramble on about sci-fi tropes, analyze my own writing, bore the ever-loving-snot out of anybody who happens to be reading or listening (yes, audio recordings to come. Quiver in fear, mortals!) to my inane dribble.

 SPEAKING OF INANE DRIBBLE: I mostly just want to say that I will be (or, at least trying earnestly) documenting my progress through this literary adventure. I suspect I shall do much better this time around. Call it a premonition, call it confidence, call it George Billingsworth, call it HUBRIS, but NaNoWriMo shall not turn me into a convulsing crying mess in the corner of my room with piles of discarding writing strewn around me without a fight!

 Or so the plan currently goes…




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