NaNoWriMo, November the 4th

 I’ve pulled the old bait’n’switch on you! This post will have virtually nothing to do with NaNoWriMo outside of the fact that I should probably be doing that instead of making an update on my blog. Oh well, I know my priorities are all wrong, but I’m all right with that! I suppose what I’m mostly here to say is that I’ve been trying to put together the material from the pieces of writing that I mean to place on this blog for the sake of discussion, critique, rotten-tomato-throwing, etc. <– This section here is the one I’ve been giving the most time to, including the two sections of art attached to it. It’s certainly not done yet, as evidence by all of my strange, yelling footnotes, but, as per usual it seems, the first half of this week is utterly insane with work and whatnot, but after tomorrow I should be able to get more time to sit down and just fill up this blog with things that nobody will ever read! Hooray! 


 Except not hooray. Feel free to look at that link up’a’there and let your mind melt at its uncompleted glory to your heart’s content. Meanwhile, I should probably be getting back to my work of slaving over a hot Microsoft Word Document. 




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