The Blackout and Adventures of Ideas

 Okay, so yesterday, there was an enormous storm that wracked the entire midwest, our campus included. The wind and rain damage wasn’t too bad here, but the power went out to everywhere on campus except for my dorm hall and a couple other buildings. The rest of the area was out too, for the most part and most of the power is restored now. So, while the damage wasn’t too bad here, the blackout gave me an entirely new perspective in the form of the adventures in the dark. As a writer of adventurous fiction in fantasy, sci-fi, modern fiction, alternate history, etc., I am often writing, well, adventures. However, it strikes me as odd that despite that, I have never really had much in the way of adventures myself. 

 As a side note, I find this strangely paradoxical. As a writer of adventures, I must question whether or not I have created my adventures in order to vent my inner desire to have adventures myself or if I simply create adventures then want to live them out as a result of seeing them in action. That was just me being unnecessarily philosophical and introspective, FEEL FREE TO IGNORE IT. 

 Back on track, I was with my friends and fellow students in our desires to not see the lights and power come back on to campus. Whilst most of my friends were more looking forward to a lack of class, I was more enraptured with the idea of living the life unplugged.  In fact, I would have loved to have class today, even with the lights off. Granted, this would have left both of my classes today unable to function, but that’s beside the point. I don’t need your witch logic!

 Although my dorm was still endowed with power, I chose to go to my friend’s dorms out of the prospective adventures. Well, needless to say, I shouldn’t be making this all sound so fantastical. It really was just a bunch of scared romping through dark, quiet, empty (of people) buildings with only tiny flashlights to light our way. On the other hand, it was one of the most enjoyable experiences in recent memories. It felt like an adventure was really coming to campus (naturally, it had to be unplanned, planned “adventures” don’t feel like adventures at all to me. Because shut up, that’s why.) and it was going to be a rare opportunity to get away from Facebook and television and everything that keeps us people of the modern world at arm’s length from one another. 

 To my extreme dissatisfaction, though, as soon as the lights returned, the budding feeling of community and togetherness we were all starting to feel throughout campus (eating the improv dinner at the Welcome Center, sharing the power of the dorm in which I live, traveling in groups by flashlight) was swept away almost instantly. It was as if the adventure of the last several hours had never happened and one could go back to Youtube, Tumblr, or hell even this site. MAYBE EVEN THIS VERY BLOG. But probably not.

 I suppose it irked me. Mostly because I still wanted the adventure to continue. Then again, I’m a nutjob, so I’m probably the only one who felt so disturbed at the reaction of the return to normality. Darn it people, you should lament! LAMENT DARN YOU. 



ANYWAY, during that time in the darkness, my laptop was still charged and all that jazz, so I decided to take down some immediate thoughts of a romanticized blackout occurring on a college campus at the height of a flu epidemic. Interestingly (subjectively speaking) enough, a flu-like disease called the “Three Week Cough” if I remember correctly just ended on campus, so the inspiration was from the real-life events. I just decided to amp up the intensity. 

 I’ve decided to arrange them so that they each section pertains to a certain aspect of said blackout. So, ENJOY. Or don’t. But if you don’t my soul will cry. YOU WOULDN’T WANT THAT WOULD YOU? Oh and the “he” is the main character. Whoever that is. IT’S NOT ME I CAN ASSURE YOU.


           The Darkness: The darkness was, in a word, absolute. Like staring down the gullet of a great beast, the hallway stretched into a shadowy oblivion. His tiny keychain flashlight couldn’t reach down half its length. Every step left an echo that spread like a drop of blood in water. A dozen little ghost voices copied what noises they heard and a terrifying limbo between reality and imagination started to set over his mind.

            He almost wished that his little flashlight would just flicker and die. Then at least he could face the darkness in all its strength and he wouldn’t be cowering by the pathetic little light.


            Welcome Center: The Welcome Center had turned into more of a disaster relief zone. Students and staff alike filed in with sullen faces lined with worry. Their eyes lit up for a moment when they saw the quaint little banquet set before them, but much like the lights throughout campus, their sparks of life flickered, then faded.


            Sickness: He knew that the sickness was bad before, but the coughing that had been stymied by lozenges and pills and liquid medication was rapidly turning into hacking. Perhaps fittingly, the sick and the weak all seemed to group together into their own little room. There they tried their best to swallow their food despite their shaking hands and heaving bodies.


           Storm: Frankly, the thunder was like a wrathful god, angry and omnipresent. It took him a few minutes to realize that there wasn’t just a fleet of jumbo jets flying overhead. (I wanted to expand on this one more, but it’s not as atmospheric. So it gets NO LOVE.)




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