Where Have I Been?

 Fair enough, inquisitive disembodied voice, I shall tell you.

 I have been busy. Pretty plain and simple yes? Well, NO.

 I shall spare you the details as this isn’t FaceSpace or whatever you kids call it nowadays!

 Suffice to say, Thanksgiving Break away from school left me very unmotivated to be on my computer, so by effect, I was not here. I was able to work on my own creative writing much more, though. More on that later, however. The other reasons was just that I was catching up with my friends during the Break or catching up with my schoolwork just before the Break. Now that I’m back, though, and the semester is very nearly over (just less than two weeks now), I can devote lots of attention to my writing on here.

 Here’s something fun: I completed NaNoWriMo! I suppose I was supposed to turn it in to one of those sites that keeps all of them on record buuuut because it’s me, so much of what i wrote is out of order or replaced or edited or was a footnote but then became a full-fledged part of the story or vice versa. In other words, without a few weeks of organization I’d be turning in more of an entire novel that’s pretty much just the bone structure. The reason I was able to achieve the criteria of 50,000 words, though, was because this novel will likely be about 600-700 pages. But that’s boring! Once I get some more excerpts, I shall put them up here in order to really say what I’m talking about.

 Wait, now that I’m back on this site and all alive again, that means I have to keep updating the Sewn Together lore page don’t I? Uuuuugh.

 You know what I need? A page just full of ideas that I MIGHT go through with. So, not ideas that are currently in production, those will get their own pages, one on each page. I just need a page where I can say, “look at all of these things I want to do but probably never will!” Yeah. Yeah that’s a good idea.


 Okay, so the main non-rambly thing I wanted to say on here was of a revelation I had during my best friend Alec and mine’s rehearsal for a short film we plan to do soon. It was incredibly invigorating to put oneself into a role with a set personality and intentions for a scene. On the latter, though, Alec and I did not tell each other just what our intentions were for our characters in the scene, to see how we could discern them in a more lifelike way. I’m not sure if that’s the most professional or efficient way to go about it, but to our mutual surprise, relief, and joy, it worked out pretty damn well. I suppose I could start throwing names around here, but of course, our stories are never easy, so it would take paragraph after paragraph that I JUST DON’T WANT TO TYPE NOW.

 So there. Also, in case anybody’s new, lost, etc., my CAPS LOCK speech always means sarcasm. I do this because the “sarcasm” button or text effect has not yet been invented and while I could just use italics on my words, that just looks like my words are either supposed to be fancy or so sloshed that they’re about to pass out and fall over drunk.

 Well, as a last thought, it was very interesting to play as characters in a rehearsal without knowing all of the lines. We had the important points down, beginning, middle, names, big ideas, but we left the minute details and the ending, well, open-ended. Sometimes we weren’t even acting as characters that we would be playing in the film, which was even more of an interesting and enjoyable change of pace and perspective. That improv really helps, though. After all of our intentionally bad movies and even with our few (still overly complicated and ambitious) movies, being able to get into the character, know the general outline and intentions of the scene, but then just let things… happen I suppose, can really give some good insights into the strengths and weaknesses of writing/scene/set/character, etc.

 TRY IT. Even if you hate/don’t do acting. It’s incredibly therapeutic and you can yell without turning into a shuddery, self-conscious mess! Or maybe that last part is just me.




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