The Great Biography Project (Ideas)

So, a while back I posted, well, a post called the Great Biography Project which would let me talk about all of the characters for my giant series monster thingy called Fancy Lads (with the first entry called Promenade). ANYWAY, I was, just now, about to make a post with the first three character biographies, but then I realized that a lot of context was missing. I think the way I’m going to want to do this is work from the ground up.

You see, this is a high science-fiction world, so there are no humans, only aliens on an alien planet with an alien history and technology, etc. etc. So, I feel like the only real way to proceed to is start at the bottom, describing the planet, then the people, then the history, then get to the characters themselves. All of those aspects are important to the overall story.

Some visuals would no doubt help, but when I spend so many hours a day writing not only the story but doing stuff like this online, I find that I have less and less time to really sit down and make a map or something and have it actually look polished. This might just be because I put an anal amount of detail into all of my visual art, but whatever the case is, it might not be possible.

But I suppose that’s a good thing isn’t it? After all, I can’t rely on pictures to be a crutch in my actual writing, so in a more controlled environment, i.e. here, I should be able to communicate all of my necessary ideas via words. Plus there’s your guys’ imaginations, which are almost as powerful and potent as my actual descriptions. Well, as it turns out, I’m supposed to be doing just that; describing things in the plainest terms available for my independent inquiry study for my Writing Fiction class.

On that note, though, I CAN totally give you guys a little excerpt which I will probably expand on later for the disease Omniossification. It’s a real fake medical term in use throughout Promenade and beyond. The aliens (called Airns) can be vulnerable to it, no matter age or health as you will see-

Or not, in case you’ve stopped reading. Looking back at what I’ve just written, I can’t say I blame you.

“Omniossification is a disease that, without exception, sits latent inside every Airn. The horns that grow out of every person’s head are actually offshoots of the benign part of the disease located in the head. Late in life, more horns can grow. Not everybody will be negatively affected by the disease. They can live out their entire lives without it ever “waking up.” Until recently, the disease was completely incurable. While the virus inside the person cannot be purged, it is part of the bone marrow itself, the growths can be stopped. Otherwise the bone will grow with such speed and length that the person is eventually skewered from the inside.”



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