Rampaging Ramblings

So firstly, I’d like to say that I lied. Accidentally! I mentioned yesterday (or two days ago if I actually take more than 13 minutes to do this and it’s technically tomorrow) that my next blog would be about the idea of “If it works, it works” and how it can be used in fiction. Well, I will do that tomorrow, or at least I will really try hard to. You see, my friend Alec and I have been working our rears off trying to get our submissions ready for the NBC Comedy Playground competition, which we were able to. Huzzah!


It all went according to plan except for the fact that I spent about 5-6 hours today trying to submit the dingdong videos and the applications. I’ll probably be devoting a blog or two coming up about that as well as shamelessly plugging to a Youtube link.

Because that’s just how I roll- clumsily and inciting many bruises!

I’ll be doing the same thing later on with my LP channels and other such related videos too, as it turns out. Speaking of which, I really need to realize that I don’t have all the time in the world anymore. I should probably start picking my battles between blogs and videos.

Oh great, now I’m just using my blog as a sounding board. But hey, maybe I can integrate the two- play the games I want to and then reflect later… like book reviewing! It certainly would be a little less work for me. Then I can actually start to clean up the stuff on this blog and we can start making things pretty!


Yeah, that sounds good. Maybe I’ll do that.


Oh also, along with reviewing stuff, talking about my own writing and work with other people’s writings, there’s a fun little thing I want to try called “Lorequest” in which I thoroughly take advantage of a game or book or whatever that has little to no established lore or story and make up one with all of the little context clues around it. Given that my writing is mostly fantasy, science fiction, or other other kind of “high” fantasy, so I love lore and history (oh and I love history in general) and I appreciate the adventure of finding it out for myself. Even if that involves totally making it up. So, I’m like an archeologist mixed with a mythological theologian. I LOVE MY JOB THAT ISN’T ACTUALLY A JOB.

Oh, and Dark Souls does not count, before anybody thinks that! And I have my reasons for that… I’ll talk about that later too, probably. MY FEELINGS ARE STRONG ABOUT THAT GAME.


Until then,






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