Hard at Work

Well hello there, we meet again, mysterious internet people. I’m not going to be belting out another Lorequest today, nor tomorrow for that matter. My last one took a lot out of me- eyestrain and cramped wrists due to my stupid keyboard and a case of the “oh god, I just wasted a quarter of the day in front of a computer” syndrome. Instead, I have eliminated one of those three things today by working my tail off to get my novel’s third round of editing complete!

Yes, you heard (or, read) me right, I am to be a published author soon!


Pray for yourselves. Pray for your children. You have been warned.


Yes, my first book entitled Garamoush will soon be available through Amazon.com and can be downloaded onto your Kindle for a small fee that I have yet to finalize! It will be less than $3, though. It’s not a terribly long book- 45,000 words all things considered. Now, as I am writing this, I am falling to my usual curse of multitasking and am also writing an impromptu page for Garamoush here on THIS VERY BLOG.


Although I’ll be sure to include a link to the Garamoush page up above, I can relate a little bit of it to you down here. It’ll be our little secret. Don’t tell anybody else or else my feelings shall be most wounded.

Garamoush is a fantasy novel in which an aging man named Stenn finds himself in a world-within-a-world that exists inside of the shell of a giant slumbering god named Garamoush. Stenn has a completed history and has made plenty of mistakes in his past as well as plenty of attempts in the present to fix them. And yet, he finds himself at odds with ghosts of his past and opportunities of his present inside of that strange new world.

Garamoush is also the first of a series of three (maybe four?) books all taking place in the same land of Garaheim (it’s Garamoush and heim, the German/Norwegian word for “home.” I’m so clever!). What the series is actually called is something I have yet to establish. Maybe I’m here on my blog as a way to escape thinking about that. I’m really bad at titles and working under close deadlines. This is both of those things happening at the same time!

That is because Garamoush is set to be published tomorrow.


I warned you to pray, didn’t I?! Now it might be too late.


So, I’ve said my piece(s). I send you off with another reminder:


Garamoush releases tomorrow on Amazon.com on THE INTERNET.


I shall speak to you all, later!




Until later~




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