Six-Word Novel: Attempt #1


Although my love-hate relationship with Hemingway still rages like a brushfire, I will fully admit that the man’s six-word novel (“For sale: baby shoes, never worn,” for those who don’t know) is an impressive example of an extreme end of flash fiction. Plus, as I’ve been writing more and more for Friday Fictioneers, my interest in flash fiction has been growing exponentially. So, I’m going to be taking a crack (probably multiple ones, actually. I doubt this first one will really satisfy me) at writing my own six-word story.

I would also be posting it to this handy site, but I keep getting 403 denial errors and 500 server errors so… I have decided to inflict it upon you all first!

Don’t you feel lucky?!


Anyway, enjoy~




“Sworn into office- call me Damocles.”




“Crowned myself king- called myself Damocles.”




Well, I feel like I might have overestimated the importance of making those big ole’ lines through the page. Oh well, consistency trumps cosmetics!

I actually wanted to add a custom picture just for emphasis’ sake, but maybe later.


  • Edit: I added the second story just a few minutes after first making the post. I don’t know which one I prefer.


Good luck, you brave writer folk!