Friday Fictioneers: The Battle of Dinnerplate 6


Once again I find myself throwing in my 1.28 (roughly converted from Septims) cents into the Friday Fictioneers pot. I was able to cook (ha ha food pun) up this story much more quickly than my last one and I’m about as unsure as I was last time, too. It’s not that I dislike this piece but maybe after I read it a few times more I’ll warm to it.

Well anyway, have fun~




Copyright: Marie Gail Stratford
Copyright: Marie Gail Stratford

Genre: Science Fiction/Realistic Fiction

Word Count: 100


“You will pay for the Thursday Massacre of planet Dinnerplate 5, four-pronged butcher!” Captain Peapod cried.

“That was only the beginning,” King Fork bellowed. “Soon I will destroy all of your friends and even your creator, Green Giant!”

With that, chaos is all that the stark white fields of Dinnerplate 6 know.

But, as quickly as the battle started, it ended.

“Don’t play with your food, dear,” mom says.

 I guess there can be a temporary ceasefire, I think as I shovel down some peas. As per usual, I cringe.

 I’d rather they just kill each other instead of me.


Picture copyright: Wijnand Loven
This extremely fitting picture copyright of: Wijnand Loven





I love that I was able to find that peas picture with just a simple Google search for the words “fork peas.” It fits pretty ding-darn well, I think.


Also, I’m starting to notice that I write a lot about childhood innocence and imagination. I have no problem with this!


Good luck, you brave writer folk!