Friday Fictioneers: Colliding Worlds


I really didn’t want to use “when worlds collide” because I wasn’t planning on making the headline to a movie trailer. So instead, I made the totally new and totally original title you see above! Then again, I also really wanted to use the title “Mr. Ceisal’s Garden,” but given the thumbnail and picture that Friday Fictioneers provided for this week’s prompt… well, it’s hardly going to lure anybody into a false sense of security when you already know how it ends!


And now, I present to you a delightful little tale about an old man having the best part of his world swept out from under him.

Trust me, it’s hilarious!



Regardless, have fun~



Image Copyright: Roger Bultot


Genre: Realistic Fiction

Word Count: 100


Mr. Roderick Ceisal, aged 76 and living on Serene Way, loved his garden.

He loved nurturing the leafy undergrowth with his own hands and seeing the garden lattice play host to thriving ivy.

He even loved the busy streets which growled and thrummed all around his home. He thought the outside world of cold machinery added some poetic contrast to the gentle and natural world that his garden was.

But one day, Mr. Roderick Ceisal’s garden suddenly started moving at 78 miles an hour, mounted on the grille of a truck whose driver forgot all about his Monday dentist appointment.





I can already see that the sequel to this story involves Roderick chasing down the insolent young’un and then knocking all of his freshly-cleaned teeth out with his cane. Then he’s arrested and forced to leave his home that still has the remnant of his beautiful and beloved garden…

Oh the hell with it, it’s the spiritual successor to UP! It’ll be called “DOWN UNDER.” Roderick tunnels into the ground… somehow… and meet a small mole creature named Rustle and an extremely lost and confused Australian named Dug.

Okay, these puns are starting to get out of hand. They should have been buried six feet under a long time ago.




Good luck, you brave writer folk!





6 comments on “Friday Fictioneers: Colliding Worlds

  1. kirizar says:

    Okay, I missed that someone else was the driver besides Mr. Ceisal. I liked the narrative tone. Very natural, casual. It was just that switch at the end that kind of took the corner going 78 mph that threw me off.

    • Ah yes, sudden changes of character perspective tends to be a bane of mine. Hence why I usually shy away from third-person impersonal. Thanks for the feedback, maybe I’ll tweek the story so it’s a bit clearer.

  2. cute.
    I dug the hole story- root stock and marrow.


  3. Dear Michael,

    Rustle and Dug, two of our writers. Get thee to a punnery. Clever story and epilogue.



  4. Michael, That was kind of humorous/sad. Poor old man. I hope he gets paid for the damage and can replant. He should complain to the local police it not. The driver could have done even worse damage with his careless driving. Well written. 🙂 —Susan

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