Five Sentence Stories: A Streetcar Named Inspiration, or, Unintended Irony


Yes, fear and run ye mortals of little faith, I have picked up yet another weekly writing challenge! It goes by the name of Five Sentence Stories and its name should be fairly self-explanatory. OR IS IT? The answer is, such as it is about a lot of seemingly obvious things, is a resoundingly placid “maybe.” Because not only are we instructed to write a punchy (or kicky, if you prefer your feet- or as I call them, “leg-hands”) little story that is five sentences long but we are also given a word every week to inspire our thoughts. There to be no more and no fewer than five sentences per story, under pain of getting painfully kicked by a trained pugilists’ beefy leg-hands. Also, there is not to be any mention of the word used as an inspiration, but there’s nothing against using it if you so desire.


Aaaaaanyway, enough exposition!


Have fun~




Word of Inspiration: Waiting

Word Count: 111 (hey, this almost classifies as a Friday Fictioneers post!)

Genre: Surreal(ish) Fiction

Title: A Streetcar Named Inspiration, or, Unintended Irony



I’m waiting at the streetcar station, waiting for a Streetcar Named Inspiration.
The weather all around the station is turning dark- metaphorically, of course. I think it’s about the time to weigh my options, see where to scales are sitting, and wonder if my wait is in vain.
Not even my music seems to help pass the time from now until the car’s arrival: Mozart, Feint, Led Zeppelin, Susumu Hirasawa, Britney Spears.
Maybe I’ll just take a plane to my destination instead, I think as I crack open my John Hodgman novel and start hoping that some of his creativity might just (maybe possibly probably) rub off on me at the same time.






Well, as the title (of both the piece and the post would show), I didn’t really expect myself to find inspiration in a lack of inspiration. But I suppose that’s why the big I (nobody calls it that. Nor should they. It sounds like I’m talking about Sauron, but I refuse to delete what I have written.) is seen as such a fickle beast. Always evasive. Always coated in butter. Thus making it evasive. Duh.



Good luck, you brave writer folk!





2 comments on “Five Sentence Stories: A Streetcar Named Inspiration, or, Unintended Irony

  1. Pat says:

    Interesting response to the prompt — and considering how much you managed to paint into creating this scene, setting the atmosphere just so, well done — and in 5 sentences!

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