Five Sentences Stories: Conflict of Interest


I have returned, underlings in the internet! I have returned later than I thought and the Lorequest STILL isn’t done. Buh. But anyway, I’m making another foray into the world of five-sentence flash fiction. This one is equally as spontaneous and poorly-defined. However, I did manage to stick within the rules of five sentences once again. The spirit of the famous pugilist Tommy Ray Handley is holding his mighty leg-hands over my head and compelling me to follow the rules. Not like I would break them anyway (breaking of my own bones by leg-hand blows notwithstanding) because I CRAVE CHALLENGE. And potatoes.


God, I cannot get through one of these intros without showing how mentally discombobulated I am. At least I have nothing to hide now.






Word of Inspiration: Conflict

Word Count: 72

Genre: Realistic Fiction

Title: Conflict of Interest


A conflict of interest is what I called it.

Indecisiveness is how he chose to understand it.

Understanding breeding accusation… that’s definitely an ironic twist if I ever saw one; I’m afraid I’m the only one smelling the rot of irony, though.

I tell him I still shake a little bit when our hands touch.

He tells me he shakes at night knowing that sometimes my hands don’t want to touch him.






Unlike my last piece, this one came rather easily. Which is odd considering how little I write about romantic stuff. My lack of experience probably contributes to this problem. But hey, when I’m not writing about romantic ballyhoo, I get to write more about giant stone monsters, talking severed heads, and extremely enthusiastic jelly.


Overall, it balances it.



Good luck, you brave writer folk!




3 comments on “Five Sentences Stories: Conflict of Interest

  1. rlyonsii says:

    Oh wow. How did you put the blue links thing ?

    • During post creation/editing, you can add links using the button to the exact right of the “align red, center, left” buttons. Just drop the URL to the page you want to link to in the screen after you click the “add link” button.

  2. Patricia says:

    I liked the story. Write more.

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