Friday Fictioneers: Thoreau’s Advice

Forsooth, ’tis a wondrous day in which I should encounter you here, oh faceless and massive horde from across these electron-waves. Settle a while on thine object of comfort of choice and rest thine eyes upon the screens of plastic and glass which bake thine minds with actions inconsequential.  But lo, a deviation from slow mental death doth come to you like the Index’s sent-wingéd angels. ‘Tis this post, hailing from the most glorious house of Friday Fictioneers, inspired forthwith by the picture provided below. Avert thine eyes, ye who easily fall victim to the mountainous glory of art! For you shall find all such rapturous content below!




Nevermind, no you won’t. Read the dinky story already.



Have fun~


Image Copyright: Janet Webb

Image Copyright: Janet Webb

Genre: Realistic Fiction

Word Count: 100

Title: Thoreau’s Advice


My concerned neighbor is back. We’re always running into each other. He shifts and shimmers on my wall.

He always looks so nervous. So scared.

I put my hand up to him, to try to console him. But he puts his hand up just like me. He doesn’t want to be touched, aside from on the palm (which is something).

When he frowns, I frown. When I try to smile, he does too.

We’re so alike. But so apart.

I wonder if he thinks the same thing I do. I wonder if he wishes he could jump through the mirror.





You can blame the intro today (because there’s always something to blame for them) on Henry the 4th and Prince Hal. Not the Shakespeare characters, the actual historical people themselves. We should all dig them up and desiccate their graves. You know, as payback. Plus we’ll all get to go to England. It’s a win for everybody.


Maybe I’ll learn to cut these outros short one day. Or I’ll stop implicating myself as a barely-concealed maniac.

Incidentally, Polonius is probably my spirit animal *smart people joke.*




Good luck, you brave writer folk!




8 comments on “Friday Fictioneers: Thoreau’s Advice

  1. Dear Michael,

    “It’s not what you’re looking at…” I think your MC needs to get out more. His company might be a bad reflection on his character.



  2. dmmacilroy says:

    Dear Michael,

    A good story that made me pause to reflect. Well done.



  3. Michael, I think your MC needs help before he actually tries to climb through the looking glass. He’s been alone a wee bit too long. Well written. 🙂 —Susan

  4. Love the “neighbor” idea!!!! This made me smile – a lot.

  5. Nan Falkner says:

    Dear Michael, Evidently, I’m not one of the “smart people” because I don’t understand the joke about Polonius. I’m sure your story above is well written though. Nan

    • Ha, thank you. I was taking a jab at myself for being overly -verbose and not knowing how to be brief. A bit like Hamlet’s Polonius. And, like everything I write, “smart people” has its own collection of air quotes around it.

  6. Great idea with the neighbor, this is a really good story.

  7. […] usually so upbeat, talking about such lovely subjects as debilitating illness, anxiety, and crippling insanity. But death? Please, I have my […]

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