Five Sentence Fiction: Giving Me Grief


Yeah, it’s an unoriginal title buuuuut I’m just happy I managed to pull this out of thin air so quickly and so (relatively) cleanly. Suffice to say, things in real world helped to make this little story in the internet world.  Thank goodness for my obsessive need to see the positive in everything or I would have never been able to grab onto uncomfortable situations and wring  them out until they’re dry like little screaming dishtowels!


Well, it’s a good sign that I can still manage my bizarre factitious murderous intent and anthropomorphizing. So I’m not THAT far gone. Oh who cares, I’m a writer gosh-darn it! So long as I can turn those wrung juices into something refreshing, I could be having an H.P. Lovecraft-style life and it would all come out for the best!

Except I wouldn’t want to be H.P. Lovecraft. He was insane. And kind of a jerk.





Have fun~



Word of Inspiration: Grief

Word Count: 97

Genre: Realistic Fiction

Title: Giving You Grief


It’s what turned my train of thoughts in the shower into a wreck, derailing and killing thousands. It’s what made me angry five minutes later when I accidentally kicked my shower caddy. It’s what made me happy that nobody else was in the room with me just then, just when I turned into a cartoon character, hot steam coming off of my head and everything. It’s what ruined my night before it struck 6 in the evening. It’s what made me sit myself down and write until it couldn’t stand to see me discredit its power with five strokes of simplicity.





As a random side-note (when are they never anything but random as all hell?), I would like to (in)formally contest Tolkien’s claim that “cellar door” is the most beautiful word in the English language. First of all, it’s two words. Duh. ALSO. “Engine” is clearly a much more appealing word.

So there.


Yeah, that’s all I got.



Good luck, you brave writer folk!





3 comments on “Five Sentence Fiction: Giving Me Grief

  1. Interesting. I really liked the piece itself quite well. Why the self-deprecation, though? 🙂

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