Five Sentence Fiction: Modern Riot


I was going to call this MIND RIOT but that’s apparently a song by some bad of fools called Soundgarden.Well, I don’t actually know anything about their musical quality or lack thereof. They just took a fun name from me. So for that, they must perish! This is what I get for just watching Their Will Be Blood. This story (poem) thingy happened to come from Their Will Be Blood and its extremely bizarre, albeit fitting, soundtrack. And I felt that “wheels” was just a bit too open for me, gearhead that I am. So I churned (it’s not a pun, I swear) out this piece for you all now!

Just read it already!



Have fun~




Word of Inspiration: Wheels

Word Count: 84

Genre: Realistic Fiction

Title: Modern Riot


Here Civilization comes (cha-chug) puffing along, smokestack hacks along the tracks, orging its way into the future (cha-chug).

It uses boilers and (cha-chug) presses made of steel and (cha-chug) stone to lay down the (cha-chug) path so its (cha-chug) wheels can find grip.

Do (cha-chug) you (cha-chug) hear th(cha-chug)at, the (cha-chug) hum of (cha-chug) the bulbs?

I (cha-chug) always (cha-chug) thought (cha-chug) the sound was (cha-chug) fairly relaxing, (cha-chug) like a dial-tone (cha-chug) buzz.

I(cha-chug)’m sor(cha-chug)ry (cha-chug), sa(cha-chug)y again, I (cha-chug) didn’(cha-chug)t ca(cha-chug)tch th(cha-chug)at.





Shh, don’t worry about it guys, it’s all symbolic!

I seriously have nothing else to prattle on down here. Aside from maybe my prophecy that one day the method-acting will get to Daniel Day Lewis’ head one day and then he will assume his true and terrible form in the cosmos and lay siege to Hollywood with horrible and immortal power. During the battle, all of the dead great Hollywood actors (Orson Wells, Humphrey Bogart, Heath Ledger, the original corporeal form of Tommy Wiseau) will join together to fight against the CG-I creations of the modern day. None will survive! Not even John Hodgman! Not even Squidward’s House!



Good luck, you braver writer folk!




One comment on “Five Sentence Fiction: Modern Riot

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