Friday Fictioneers: Colour Switchboard


So I thought I’d try something new this time with this Friday Fictioneers. I have this habit of monologuing (internally) to myself as I go on my late-night walks around campus. So, I decided to walk down to the nearby big swanky hospital and take a gander at it. I’ve been around it before, of course, considering how close it is to my campus, but I’ve never sat right in front of it before and observed it. It’s very interesting being so close to a place so late at night (around 12-1 AM). People still come and go there, almost as if it’s a hospital or something! The lights were what really interested me and those lights are what reminded me of the bottles for this week’s Friday Fictioneers.


Have fun, everybody~




Image copyright: Marie Gail Stratford

Image copyright: Marie Gail Stratford

Title: Colour Switchboard

Genre: Realistic Fiction/Stream-of-Consciousness

Word Total: 116


I always wondered what the outside of a hospital felt like, so I put my mind right up against one. A family of three came out of the sliding doors. The youngest one held a briefcase of surgical white. The insurance papers needed leather and locked insurance that they would get out of the parking lot in one piece. What’s that horrible buzzing noise? Not very good for a calming clinical environment. It’s either the lights edging on bursting into silver- a colour I have yet to see in the switchboard of hues that bedecks the exterior- or just bugs in the bush that didn’t get the memo to shut the fuck up because it’s autumn.





Whoa hey, there’s not even any dialogue in this Friday Fictioneers. Like, at all! That’s never happened before, or so I rememeber now with very little preparation and recollection! Oh well. I was really stumped on what to do for this Fictioneers anyway, so I was just happy to get something done right before the deadline. this is actually how a lot of my school papers go, too.


And yet I still get A’s and B’s! Take THAT, America’s bill of above-average educational clout!



Good luck, you brave writer folk!








One comment on “Friday Fictioneers: Colour Switchboard

  1. Dear Michael,

    I put my mind right up against one. Good line. Interesting stream of consciousness piece.



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