Five Sentence Fiction: Why He Does What He Does


Hello viewers , I join you late in the night/early in the morning and am here to give you grave news: I don’t have the time or attention span right now to give you all the blurb you deserve! Instead, it’s the blurb you just happen to get. I’m just writing writing writing right now (other things, mostly. Not just this intro. I’m not  THAT post-modern) so I just wanted to get this Five Sentence Fiction based off the word Hunger out to you all!

So, here it ’tis.


Have fun~




Word of Inspiration: Hunger

Word Count: 250

Genre: Realistic Fiction

Title: Why He Does What He Does


The town council, town councils (plural) actually, had begged with him- squawked more like- to get him to reconsider. Hearing to them babble was one thing but it was another challenge to Andrew’s willpower altogether to keep him from bursting out in laughter or roaring in rage.

The warm winds skidded along the cliffs and whipped up into Andrew’s face, the valley below was glittering in the sunlight- like he could already see the gold sunken in the water’s sediment, like the genesis point of a second American gold rush.

“When asked why I do what I do,” Andrew said, his voice lifting his voice as he rattled off his press-satisfying speech, “when people ask me why I hunt shiny bits of metal and drain rivers and lakes to find them, I say to them, ‘There is a hunger in me, a hunger that is only satiated when my gold makes its way into your spouse’s rings or your child’s watches- there can only be the best for our loved ones.”

The town councils bleated in Andrew’s head again, “Our rivers are our livelihoods,” “If you dam the lake, you damn our entire town,” “please reconsider, there must be another way to get the gold without uprooting so many peopl-“ Andrew let out a bark of laughter and looked to the setting sun, letting the white noise of nature turn into the sounds of applause by investors and other captains of industry stomp out the peasants’ fussing with iron heels.






I think you could probably trace what I’ve been watching/reading just based off of what I’ve been writing. This time it’s another round of There Will Be Blood mixed with my own novel Landfall (the sequel to Garamoush). Cliffs and money and water! Yeah.


Also, did you know they actually turned the Card Wars from Adventure Time into a real game (I suspect that you did not)?! That’s crazy! In a quaint and hilarious kind of way!

That’s really the only other thing I have to say right now. Well that and I’d just like to point out that professionalism has no place here. It keeps trying to get in through the window but I’ve always got my broom at the ready to push it back out again!



Good luck, you brave writer folk!





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