Five Sentence Fiction: Sunrise


Well, here’s a funny little story. I saw the newest Five Sentence Fiction prompt and picture and thought, “Well wowy zowy, the sun’s only one of my most favouritest things ever, I know exactly what I’ll write about!” And then almost a week later, thanks to Super Smash Bros, republishing Garamoush (FOR FREE) on Smashwords, and doing a whole bunch of other writing ballyhoo, I’m getting this one in by the skin of my teeth. Yeah, timing!

But anyway, it’s here and ready to be enjoyed (or ridiculed if its not thought of as being very good), here’s the Five Sentence Fiction story!


Have fun~




Word of Inspiration: Horizon

Word Count: 120

Genre: Realistic Fiction

Title: Sunrise



I read it over again. I read it over again- I could read, I could see for the first time in my entire life. Five hours, or so the clock told me, I had been sitting in my chair for five hours at my desk, reading over and over the ophthalmologist’s letter (no little brail bumps, just actual words!) of congratulations on the successful surgery. Why is my skin feeling so warm… have I really been sitting here all the way until the…? Sunlight…the sun… there it is, through my window, its light coming through my window like music running down a concert hall… No, damn you eyes, no, don’t cry now, I have to see this… see this clearly.



I don't remember exactly where this is from, but Feint's song, "My Sunset" on Youtube used it. Suffice to say, I don't own it.

I don’t remember exactly where this is from, but Feint’s song, “My Sunset” on Youtube used it. Suffice to say, I don’t own it. It just looks really cool, though!





You know what’s funny/strange? The fact that I’m surrounded by gloom-and-doom people all the time here in college and yet I’m fawning and gawking at sunsets and sunrises, thinking they’re just about the best and greatest things to ever grace our human eyes. Optimism! Apparently it goes to die in college. Nobody told me that before I came here! Maybe that’s why I’ve avoided becoming a pessimist so far. Just maybe!




Good luck, you brave writer folk!





2 comments on “Five Sentence Fiction: Sunrise

  1. Patricia says:

    How wonderful! No one could appreciate the sunset like one who had only heard of it.

    I don’t think optimism dies in college. It might go into hiding for awhile but being optimistic it always returns.

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