Garamoush on Smashwords


Why hello everybody, I’m afraid I have yet to put the tea kettle on for you and I have no biscuits to set out for all of us to nibble on. But this will just be a quick update, so there’s no use fussing about the trivialities. My first novel, Garamoush, is now for “sale” on!


Here’s the link to it:


I say, “sale,” because it’s actually free forever there. I do hope that Amazon price-matches it eventually, if they even still do that anymore because I really want to just make my book free all over the place. It just seems like the right thing to do! Also, Smashwords is so much faster about publishing and reviewing your work… like, whole days faster than Amazon! That’s crazy! Crazy GOOD!


So yes, that was just something I wanted to blurt out real quick-like. Back to the readings and the writings with us all!






One comment on “Garamoush on Smashwords

  1. […] write about!” And then almost a week later, thanks to Super Smash Bros, republishing Garamoush (FOR FREE) on Smashwords, and doing a whole bunch of other writing ballyhoo, I’m getting this one in by the skin of my […]

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