Five Sentence Fiction: Utter Disgrace


It’s here, I swear! I know it’s actually late (technically) because it’s now the 23rd, so it’s been a whole week since the last Five Sentence Fiction prompt was sent out, but the next one hasn’t been posted yet, so it’s still fair game!

Time may way for no man (or woman), but it WILL wait for literature, darnit!


Have fun~




Word of Inspiration: Falling

Word Count: 111

Genre: Realistic Fiction

Title: Utter Disgrace



Falling, that’s a good word for it- Fell is actually the more accurate now, considering it’s now past midnight.

And I had such a clean slate going, a good record, absolutely top-shelf attendance.

Never missed a beat, plucked every string with every staccato theme and prompt (except for that OTHER hangout, the one I had to abandon out of necessity, not spite [everybody was just too demanding there]) and always played well.

I would stand up, bow for the audience of five, six, nine if I was lucky.

Now I am the only audience, an audience of one (God, what a cliché line; I really am an utter disgrace).






Yup, I’ve really got nothing else. For once. Savour this moment, mortals, for it shall not last! Virginia Woolf and the dreaded monster of Real Life decided to eat up all of my time and sanity this week. So this is all you get! This is all I get! I feel hungry now just writing that. Starving!



Good luck, you brave writer folk!







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