Five Sentence Fiction: Decisions


Okay, so I kinda mulligan-ed this Five Sentence Fiction.  It was actually two separate stories at one point but then they fit together well enough so I decided to just splice them all together. That was the way I chose to solve this Gordian Knot. I decided to combine it with a different, equally improbable knot. The result is an ten-sentence-long story about marriage, partially taken from a real-life conversation, partially inspired from a play I just watched.

You should be thanking me with this two-for-one deal! Or maybe not. Because I don’t think this story is really that good.


Have fun~




Word of Inspiration: Marriage

Word Count: 102

Genre: Realistic Fiction

Title: Decisions



“Calm your tits,” I said, sipping at my beer, “I just met him a few weeks ago.”

“I know, I know, I just wanted to remind you of your options is all.” My friend laughed, ignoring the orchestra of noise in the bar. “You know that it’s legal in Illinois now, right?” she said, smirking.

“You’re becoming a bit more of an expert on the subject yourself, aren’t you?”

“I guess,” she said, her smirk disappearing. “Are you still coming to the wedding?”

“I am as long as you’re still having it,” I said.

“I’ll put you down as a ‘maybe,’ then.”






Every time I think about this piece, my thoughts are pretty much, “Why couldn’t this be more like Duck Island? I want to go to Duck Island. When I’m super rich with my invisible imaginary author money, I’m going to go buy an island and call it Duck Island. And nobody else is invited. I’ll celebrate Duckmas every Billsday with my ducky duck friends and use Firefox (the only browser allowed on the island) to my heart’s content.”

Oh, and I wish I could write something as good as Duck Island, too. Again. I feel like those pictures really help.

Hey, I should combine them sometime! That sounds like fun! And it has to be within the parameters of 200 words and 10 sentences.

This sounds like a good idea, actually.

Thank you again, Duck Island! Land of Unexpected Discoveries!



Good luck, you brave writer folk!







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