Friday Fictioneers: Talking to Myself


Which is something I do. Often. And loudly. It’s a healthy habit, actually! Helps you remember stuff. In other words, I need to do it more often, just with things that aren’t my fiction writings. But those aren’t as cool as writing fiction so… meh. Which reminds me, I WAS totally working on a running series of reflections and stuff in my life as part of being a writer… well, school/life happened. So that’s where THAT’S been all this time. But honestly, I think I’ll be shelving Lorequest (more) in favour of working on my Reflections and Garamoush/Landfall stuff. I think that’s much more prudent.


At least that’s what I tell myself. Out loud.




Anyway, enjoy~




Image Copyright: Melaine Greenwood

Image Copyright: Melaine Greenwood


Title: Talking to Myself

Genre: Realistic/Surrealist Fiction

Word Count: 142


“Awful big room for just two people,” I say to myself.

“I like being alone,” he says back to me. “Gives me more time to think and be alone with my thoughts.”

I had to agree. It was impossible not to. The acoustics were very good in that room, as well. Very relaxing.

“So,” he asks me, “how’s your day been?”

“It sucked,” I groan. My reflection looks angry. Furrowed brows and fiery eyes.

“What happened?” he asks.

“Well, this one prick flipped me off in traffic then he cut in line at the movies and then he insulted my clothing choices,” I say. I rant.

“Boy I’d find and strangle that guy if I were you.”

“Would you?”

“Of course.”

Would I?

Of course.

                I check to see if my car keys are still in my pocket.

There are.

“They are.”






You know what’s a really fun tradition that I was totally made fun of for until I convinced my friends how great it was?: watching the clocks go backwards a-la time travel at 2:00AM on Daylight Savings day. It’s like watching time go backwards! It’s crazy. And surreal. And now that I type it out, it sounds really lame. Wait, that’s most things’ fates if they come from my imagination.



Good luck, you brave writer folk!









One comment on “Friday Fictioneers: Talking to Myself

  1. I often talk to myself. Best conversations ever. 🙂 Nice story, I feel like I opened a middle of the book and dropped in.

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