Five Sentence Fiction: Observations


I think this Five Sentence Fiction came from a dream I had recently involving me as a surveyor for the mana in a city/plane in the Magic: The Gathering universe. I concluded that the people in the city were being controlled by the Governor, a cybernetic leader who had established mind control over most of his people. To boot, he was mismanaging his mana production in the city, even going so far as to manufacture mountains out of salt, quartz, sand, and wood to produce red mana. I felt very bad for the people in the city yet envied their ability to see past the crapsack-nature of their world.

Yes, I am a nerd. Any other questions?


So yes, that’s where this one came from. And I felt like stretching the rules with the whole “Five sentences” thing. There’s only five sentences but plenty of note/parenthetical asides that I don’t classify at sentences. But I’m a prose writer so grammar and I have a tenuous relationship at best.







Word of Inspiration: Envy

Word Count: 162

Genre: Science Fiction

Title: Observations



Day 1412

Time: 23:50

Note #82,705: Disney’s newest blockbuster came out this week/ 8.5-10 score currently on IMDB/ accrued 79.2 million United States dollars as of 2.3 hours ago.


Day 1412

Time: 23:52

Note #82,706: The artificial gravity generator in this tub is on the fritz again; I keep seeing my pen start to levitate just off the desk.


                Day 1412

Time: 23:56

Note #82,707: The price of gold is continuing its decline to and below twelve-hundred United States dollars by analysis of the Wall Street stock market.


                Day 1412

Time: 23:59

Note #82,708: I think the warpdrive-generator just made a growling noise behind me (crap, it’s cramped in here), if I can’t find some way to knock it back into order it’s going to be a pain the ass getting back home.


Day 1413

Time: 01:04

Note #82,709: I envy the simple lives of those simple humans, content to sit back and watch each other while others watch them.






Is it just me or do you other writerly folk get really excited and happy when you hear that your friends are also doing writerly things? For instance, my friend just told me she was doing NaNoWriMo this year and I just near fell over in the middle of my game of D&D.

Again, yes I am a nerd.

So yes, just wondering since I feel like us writers like when others take a crack at it. Like we must facilitate their ambitions and turn them to the dark side of the liberal arts.


Good luck, you brave writer folk!






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