Five Sentence Fiction: Brave Dawn


Did you ever realize that putting the word “brave” before anything makes it sound a lot cooler? I did. Just now. And it’s also just my preference for weird semi-sense making poetic prose to come bleeding through my work. Like, how can a dawn be brave?

Because poetry, that’s how. I think this Five Sentence Fiction actually ended up having a lot in common with one I had a while back called Sunrise. Except that guy wanted to just stare at the sun. The guy in this story wants to claim it. I think you can manage to guess how that works for him.


Have fun~




Word of Inspiration: Flight

Word Count: 130

Genre: Realistic Fiction

Title: Brave Dawn



They all sneered at me, laughed at me, threw my research into the Thames only after I saved it from getting burned instead.

But they were just all jealous, jealous and hateful stinking swine that are just afraid of taking the first steps out of these dark ages. It is a new age for humanity, an age to break away from plague, from want and need, from the earth.

Leather strips, thick canvas, nails and glues and wooden struts, a clear and bright dawn… and the top of the highest church in London… all I will need.

Those naysayers, those scum of the earth bound to their dirt and filth, will be knocked blind by this new dawn, when I take to the sky with my angelic wings and bring my shadows over all of them…






So I learned of something called the Voynich Manuscript. In short, it’s a book of unknown really old origins written in a language nobody has seen before and writing about biology that simply doesn’t exist and never will. Also it traveled all over Europe in its adventures to get translated and must have cost a fortune to produce. That stuff’s absolutely crazy. My friend and I are between interpretations of the “nymph pages” around page 75 and onward (this is all downloadable as a PDF from Yale University) that the “nymphs” are either showcasing a digestive system or a complex steam-driven machine.

It’s the mystery that keeps on giving! Just in time for Christmas!

Well boy, I think this endnote is one of the least-related to my story ever.



Good luck, you brave writer folk!







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