Friday Fictioneers: Bad Omen


I was challenged on the Friday Fictioneers page to “think outside the box.” So I attempted to do so. Looks like in this case, “thinking outside the box” is just me looking at one tiny detail way in the back and expecting to make a full flash-fiction story out of it. It isn’t the worst thing ever, though. In fact, I kind of got reminded of a Friday Fictioneers from a little bit ago. Like the car being talked about in this story later on evolves into the Heartfelt Ambition Machine of Commander Scoop.

Humble beginnings!


Have fun~





Image Copyright: Claire Fuller

Image Copyright: Claire Fuller


Title: Bad Omen

Genre: Realistic Fiction

Word Count: 100



The Michelen Man’s eyes were rolling. His hand was up like a blade about to fall.

“This is a bad omen…” I said. The disaster made up of car parts thundered underneath my seat. “Are you sure this thing is… even legal to use in the same sentence as ‘safe’?”

“What are you talking about?” Brett said. “We got this baby right from the vehicle testing station.”

“It had a graveyard of mufflers and tires in front of it… Omens.”

“Oh cram it, Lily,” he said, shifting the disaster into “unintentional suicide” gear. The hulk roared in excitement to obey.






I think it’s funny that looking at my oldest Friday Fictioneers and comparing it to the ones nowadays, my levels of dialogue seem to have heavily shifted towards the “dialogue and almost nothing else” side of the spectrum. Not like I mind, I really like using lots of dialogue because it opens up lots of ways to think about a scene or interaction, especially when so little is given for context and backstory.

Every time I go on one of these reflection tangents, I always think I should go and start writing for more of my Reflection pieces… but school and novel-ing and Pokemon like to get in the way… I’ll do it over December, I swear!



Good luck, you brave writer folk!






One comment on “Friday Fictioneers: Bad Omen

  1. Margaret says:

    It sounds like they’re living dangerously here. Maybe the Michelin Man is waving for them to stop now before disaster hits. I like the dialogue – tells the story well.

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