Five Sentence Fiction: Overpowered


“And then they all died.”

Sorry, I just watched the Charlie Brown episode about the pilgrims landing and the first  Thanksgiving. It’s such an important detail that they barely even touched on. Oh well, gotta cut down for television and all that.

Also, I know this Five Sentence Fiction is about irritation and yet now here I am trying to write the opening to this little piece and all this television and my parents and all this hoo-ha now that I’m home for break is really, really distracting!

Enough of this faffing, I’m cutting this intro off like an inflected limb!


Have fun (chop)~




Word of Inspiration: Irritation

Word Count: 132

Genre: Realistic Fiction

Title: Overpowered


What do you mean I’m not qualified for the position? I’ve read all kinds of books on civil engineer (I’m actually a bit of a sci-fi writer actually, so I know about technology that isn’t even out yet [which fits into your “being ahead of the curve” trait you desire]) so I know all about bridges. I know I’ve never worked on one before but I’ve walked on plenty of bridges and I have this sense, like a magical kind of thing, where I can just tell it’s got issues.

I worked really hard on that resume you know, I had to take an hour and a half off of playing World of Warcraft (I missed a raid on Molten Core for this) to write this up.

Real life: Overpowered, please nerf.





I’m actually not poking fun at myself here. Yes I’m a sci-fi writer. Yes I used to play WoW. But no, I never got all the way to the Molten Core.

You see, I have lied to you! AGAIN. How do you not know that I am a chronic liar or some kind of sentient shoe?! The truth is, you don’t. And neither do I. Maybe all mirrors just show us how we want to be. OR the Mirror Sprites just have funny concepts about what I like to look like. Because my reflection hasn’t changed much since i was a wee lad. Yeah, I’m probably a talking shoe.

Criminy what DO I go on about in these end-notes?


Also, how’d everybody’s NaNoWriMo go? Well, I hope.



Good luck, you brave writer folk!







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