Friday Fictioneers (and M.N.P. Part 2): Heathens


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And so we come to the second round of this Miniature Narrative Project taking place all across December (and November 30th). A more thorough description is provided in Part one. Right through that link up there.

Anyway, onto the story proper, I’m starting to actually rather enjoy this surreal little world I cooked up. And having this kind of byline running through these  flash-fiction pieces actually helps to streamline my ideas but also forces me to work within certain limitations. It’s actually more of an adventure to try to construct something continuous off of two pictures (and more to come by the end of the month, naturally) that have little to do with each other.

Like I said last time, it’s “A FINE CHALLENGE.”


Have fun~




Image Copyright: Janet Webb

Image Copyright: Janet Webb


Title: Heathens

Genre: Realistic/Surrealist Fiction

Word Count: 100


Heathen. Noun-

                Count the friendly faces around the fireplace, five, six, seven, eight- all laughing to the sound of crackling.

Heathens. Plural. “an irreligious, uncivilized, or uncultivated-“

                And it’s gone. Up in smoke, ashes, and fire.

We don’t need to read the definition of something like “fire. It’s obvious what keeps winter outside and summer inside. Throw another dictionary on the fire, please. I thought I felt a chill.

Nevermind, it only came from the looks the book-munchers outside are giving us. They’re cradling those books like they’re babies. Freaks.

They call us heathens.

But at least we’re warm heathens.


A traditional page-burner fireplace, ready to light and send warmth throughout the home. (Image Copyright:

A traditional page-burner in-home fireplace, ready to light and give warmth to the whole family. (Image Copyright:





I’m thinking that the next entry into this little odyssey is going to be inspired by the first December entry of Five Sentence Fiction. Ironically, the word I’m to be inspired by is “trust.” This is coming right after I write about a group people essentially burning the babies of another group of people.

A challenge indeed~

I wonder if different books burn differently. Probably. Kind of like how I bet Harry Potter tastes much different than Great Gatsby. One would be like a Thanksgiving feast for one person the other would be like eating a whole sheet of Saltines and a punch to your ego and respect for humanity.



Good luck, you brave writer folk!





12 comments on “Friday Fictioneers (and M.N.P. Part 2): Heathens

  1. Dear Marshall,

    Warm heathens. I like that. I don’t like that they’re burning books.



  2. Warm heathens.. Sad state burning books I’d say. I hope you are successful bringing your narrative through…

  3. glossarch says:

    Something kinda meta about a writer talking about burning books!

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