Friday Fictioneers (and M.N.P. Part 5): Webspinners


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I hate spiders. Like, I really really hate spiders. And I had to save the darn Friday Fictioneers picture onto my computer and upload onto my post. It makes me dirty inside. And shaky on the outside. Boy howdy do I hate spiders. Just look at the tiny tiny space I condemned that picture too. I mean, don’t really look because there’s a spider in the picture. But squint if you must!

On the other hand, this entry into the M.N.P. was a nice one and is about to be co-co-comboed with the upcoming Five Sentence Fiction entry.

Also, I know that I wanted to become more active here on the Winter Break and I’m sure I’ll try at some point to fill out more of my Reflections section. In the meantime though, expect an incoming Shadow of the Colossus mega-Lorequest and a mini-Lorequest of Warhawk.


Did you know that corgis have more in common with breakfast pastries than other dogs?

I suspect you did not.


Have fun~







Title: Webspinners

Genre: Realistic/Surrealist Fiction

Word Count: 100


If you asked, both would say that their hands still burned from their handshake. But they still schemed in the same room.

The book-muncher had a meal of cosmetic magazines with light spy novels as appetizers. The page-burner sat in the firelight, preparing to become a new man.

“Devon Blackstone,” he said to the warm, crackling air. “I need to get used to that being my name.”

“It won’t be,” the book-muncher snapped. “You’re just pretending so he doesn’t also get a book to the temple.”

“Hopefully not,” the page-burner said. “I want to die with more dignity than that.”


Though forks are not common amongst the book-munchers, some like to use them to distance themselves further from the page-burner "heathens."

Though forks are not common amongst the book-munchers, some like to use them to distance themselves further from the page-burner “heathens.” Image copyright:







You know what needs to become a thing? Ice cream made up of eggnog instead of milk. I bet it would spoil easily and have the fat content of an entire tub of lard but if we were concerned with such small details then science would stall in no time! I really do just say whatever pops into my head here, don’t I? What a waste of bytes!

Oh and if anybody watches Legend of Korra, please tell me you’re as elated as I am with that magical ending. IT WAS MAGICAL I TELL YOU.



Good luck, you brave writer folk (and thank you to Michael Dante DiMartion, Bryan Konietzko, Tim Hedrick, and Joshua Hamilton for your wonderful writing talents)!





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