Friday Fictioneers: Maze of Fingers


My what a generic name, my what a dark story to follow and, my oh my this is my 100th published post on my blog! WOWY-ZOWS ARE IN ORDER.




Wowy-Zow-ing over. Proceed with usual lives.


It’s been a fun 75% of a year since I returned to my blog. And now I’m plugging-and-chugging these flash fiction entries like I was good at math! So today, I present with no particular applause (minus the Wowy-Zows), this completely regular Friday Fictioneers entry about leaves and drugs and stuff.

Yes, I have been reading Infinite Jest, thank you for noticing.


Have fun~




Image Copyright: Melanie Greenwood

Image Copyright: Melanie Greenwood















Title: Maze of Fingers

Genre: Realistic Fiction

Word Count: 100



Everything appeared as a monster to her, one with long, grasping fingers that tickled her skin when they touched her. She had gotten used to the feeling. She had gotten used to the monster. Everything appeared like that except for one glint of sunlight, one window into the outside world. But when the maze of monsters seemed to end, a dozen more paths opened. It wanted to keep her safe (sunlight gives you skin cancer, you know) from the outside world that rejected her. Rejected her ways of “chemical dependence” and “withdraws” and “regret.” So she settled in once again.






I really wish I had been more proactive with my blog (boy isn’t that the saying of the year), because I have something rather special cooked up that I’m really excited about putting on here. From what I’ve heard, though the medium of this very special thingy is different from my usual work, I’ve been told it’s very distinctly “me,” even with the slightly altered ending (curse you, distant editing process, you won’t win next round!). Still, I think you’ll all enjoy it. And I swear I’ll put it up, like, tomorrow or something.

Well, if that’s anything like my reflection piece, it’ll be up next friggin’ month.

I can’t be trusted with this “time” business. I just can’t get my hands around it.

A stealthy time pun? Probably.



Good luck, you brave writer folk!







7 comments on “Friday Fictioneers: Maze of Fingers

  1. I’m guessing this about someone taking a class A drug? A nice metaphor – getting lost in the maze of it. I just wasn’t sure about a monster’s fingers ‘tickling’.

  2. Margaret says:

    She really is trapped, and she likes it. She has a sad history, it seems: rejection and feeling at odds with the ‘real world, and she’s ready with her excuses for not really trying to break free – dangers of sunlight and all that.

  3. Margaret says:

    My finger pushed ‘post’ before I was finished – sorry. Most importantly – I really like how you’ve built this character. You’ve set forth her tragedy without sentimentality. Powerful.

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