Barely Divine: “The First Day of the Rest of Your Death”


I swear I’m not just writing this to avoid writing this week’s Five Sentence Fiction. Honestly. I even said I would post this within a day or two of my last Friday Fictioneers.

And we can see, with no surprise in our hands, that I totally botched the timeline yet again.

But here it is still, soon enough to still be relevant! I present to you the first (of four) episode of Barely Divine, a surrealist/absurdist screwball fantasy comedy created and written by yours truly. I also did a little bit of directing, acting, editing (digital), and editing (scripts) down the road for the later episodes (so, not this one)!

For those of you wondering before you watch, it’s about people who have died and are transported to a kind of divine DMV where they are given new lives/jobs based on how well they did in life. Thus, they become gods in the afterlife, condemned gifted to watch over a particular aspect of the world for all eternity.


Have fun (I sure did writing and watching this)~










More to come




I swear I’ll be better about getting the new episodes up. And I’ll probably make a kind of reflection piece about what it was like to do more scriptwriting, cut down this show from 10 episodes to 4 and have it get adapted. Oh and then there’s the issue with author authority when you’re dealing with an adaptation. Etc. Etc. boring promises I’ll never fulfill!



Good luck, you brave writer folk!





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