Friday Fictioneers: A Shortcut to the Doctor’s




Despite having my brain slowly approach comatose level from this being the week before Spring Break, I still have a Friday Fictioneers to present! I decided to take this one a bit more literally, probably because the picture was kind enough to provide fuel for imaginary catastrophes already. Which is fine I suppose. I like the more imaginative stuff I came up with but at least I’m sticking to that fascination for childhood innocence/stupidity that I wanted to get back to.

I had the make the reference to Lord of the Rings. A Shortcut to Mushrooms, indeed!


I should never do these blog posts in the morning, I never have anything to say.


Have fun~




Image Copyright: Erin Leary

Image Copyright: Erin Leary


Title: A Shortcut to the Doctor’s

Genre: Realistic Fiction

Word Count: 100



I don’t know why Mom’s so angry. I know she said we were having steamed mushrooms tonight but what was so wrong about some before-dinner snacking? Mushrooms sounded really good. But I didn’t even know we were growing our own in the barn.

She could have just told me to leave them alone. Maybe she needed them all for dinner.




I must be hungrier than I thought. Everything’s getting… blurry.

Is that the sound of a car engine? Are we going for a drive? Are we going out to eat? I was really looking forward to those steamed mushrooms.






Speaking of Spring Break, I should have the chance to do at least one more Lorequest entry during that time. Sure, I’ve got schoolwork and stuff and friends to see and a family to be with… and I think my Break is going to be just as busy as my regular school life. But I won’t be at school, so I’ll naturally be twice as productive. It’s a wonder what a good environment can do for your mind.

And I don’t mean to get ahead of myself because I know better than most just how messed-up my scheduling can be (look no further than my reflection on the M.N.P. coming a month later) but I’m thinking of finishing up my second edition of my book Garamoush soon. Not that much will have changed but I’ve added a map, a foreword, and a preview of the next book.

But that could be years off, for all I know!


Good luck, you brave writer folk~








7 comments on “Friday Fictioneers: A Shortcut to the Doctor’s

  1. Taygibay says:

    I was mixed on the story rendering itself but you used a kid like I do in all my FF participations so what the heck, Liked it anyway! 🐱

    Just a bit of advice though, I got it explained to me by support that more than 10 tags and categories combined gets you out of the Reader system.
    In case it matters to you?

    Have a great day mate, Tay.

  2. Typo in the first story snacking instead of snaking. Unless you meant to snake. 😉
    I was shouting, “Don’t eat the toadstools!” No one has listened to me today.

  3. erinleary says:

    Fun take on the prompt. As a kid, I hated mushrooms so I would never have ended up that way. 😄

  4. i b arora says:

    interesting, should i say?

  5. OOPPSSS, don’t eat anything unless you know for sure it’s edible. Nicely done.

  6. Dear Michael,

    I think there’s going to be some talk to this kid about the difference between mushrooms and toadstools. 😉 Tummy-pumping good story.



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