Friday Fictioneers: Snow in June




I’m not dead, I swear! I was just on Spring Break but now really realized that I don’t exactly get to have breaks as an author. It’s work-work-work all the time! Well, sorta. I mean, I wouldn’t consider the chance to just write whatever the heck I want and babble about whatever comes to mind “work,” but let’s be honest, I’ve got novels and scripts to write (oh and papers and job proposals  to write as well and huge books to read that I was somehow expected to do in a week and I’m all, “Yeah no but I guess I’ll try anyway,” (Me, 1) since in the very beginning) and if I’m here, well I can’t be there now can I?

I’ve tried to answer that rhetorical question with a realistic “yes” and have come up fruitless. I’m so fruitless I’m starting to develop scurvy.

Apples and oranges. Friday Fictioneers to Landfall to Garamoush.

Speaking of which, Garamoush’s second edition should be out soon. So that’s neat.


Have fun~




Image Copyright: Sandra Crook

Image Copyright: Sandra Crook


Title: Snow in June

Genre: Realistic Fiction

Word Count: 100



The stump was my favourite place in the forest to sit. It was right in the middle of a little glade. No trees, just grass and sunlight. My brother sat next to me whenever we were there.

I held my hand out. A little bit of snow collected in my hand.

“Look Jim,” I said, smiling. “Snow in June.”

He looked up into the sky. He wasn’t smiling.

“Tommy,” he said through gasps, pointing towards our house.

Orange fingers of flames grasped at the sky. Clouds of white ash rose with them and fell with the wind into the glade.






It’s 3 o’clock again. The exact fateful time I have to ask myself, “I meant to go to bed earlier today and yet I’m still here. Still awake. Every time. This happens every time. And I never get to bed until 3. Seriously. Oh well better do a blog post.”

I feel like if I wrote out a list of my priorities it would run out of the door of my house and also be like the Hallway in House of Leaves. Meaning it would constantly shift, change, growl at me, and turn my friends into psychopathic monsters.

I love that book~



Good luck, you brave writer folk!









4 comments on “Friday Fictioneers: Snow in June

  1. storydivamg says:

    It’s interesting how ash has played such a major role in many stories this week.


  2. Dear Michael,

    You go to bed at my getting up time. 😉 Guess it wasn’t snow, or for that matter, even cold. Nice touch.



  3. ahtdoucette says:

    Agreed, writers never seem to get days off. True confessions, I’ve decided to return to the normal working world – mainly because I can use a break from the full-time writing I’ve been doing! A beautiful little story. I love your use of language and picture-words.

  4. Nicely twisted at the end, only not so nicely for them. Good job.


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