Five Sentence Fiction: Spoiler Alert







Not in a big enough hurry to avoid a long opening, though.


Have fun~




Word of Inspiration: Vindictive

Word Count: 225

Genre: Creative Realistic Fiction

Title: Spoiler Alert


I knew that she was being petty and I was probably right there next to her in “Camp Let’s-Be-Petty,” but that doesn’t excuse her for being so damn blatant about it. I knew she couldn’t stand that I was better than her at this (European modernist literature was my forte, what can I say?) than her and I’m pretty sure she knew just how much I enjoyed that fact. Still, she sat there with her long red hair thrown back and she wore her smile-shaped-sneer as if I was in full eye and earshot. I know I didn’t really have an excuse for not finishing my reading, it was just a long three weeks of doing nothing but staring at words and I was tired, dammit. “I was so sad when his best friend died at the very end,” she had said, probably barely keeping in her laughter, “I was so excited to learn his mom was still alive at the end of the book,” “the ending really surprised me with how much it genuinely surprised me- I would never give up the experience of reading this book and not knowing what to expect (which was a lie, she probably would have given it up just to see my face like it was just then; she got to have her cake and eat it too).”






In case you’re wondering, this did also come from my real life. Except I have no animosity towards the person who decided to spoil literally all of the last half of House of Leaves for me.

But I’m not bitter.

Not bitter at all.



Good luck, you brave writer folk!






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