Friday Fictioneers: Castle Walls




I know I never even used the word “walls” in this post. And that doesn’t really matter to me! Because I just really like the sound of “castle walls.” I really want to name a book that one day. For now, this tale of misery and woe will have to suffice.

Also, why is it always the stepfather? Because he’s seen as some kind of invader into the familial sphere or a new center of attention for the mother?

Actually, that last one just sounds like Freudian whoo-ha and should be promptly regarded with skepticism.

I’m sure there are plenty of good stepfathers, by the way!


Have fun (even though this story isn’t exactly conducive to “fun”)~




Image Copyright: Rachel Bjerke

Image Copyright: Rachel Bjerke


Title: Castle Walls

Genre: Realistic Fiction

Word Count: 100



No princesses live in my castle but there is a dragon circling around it. It doesn’t breathe real fire but it might as well. The words that come out of its mouth are hot enough to turn you right into ash. His punches are just as bad. Jim, the dragon of mom’s second marriage, is stalking outside my mossy stronghold. He is fuming. I don’t remember what I did to make him angry today. It’s usually nothing.

But now he knows where I hide from him. I can see him through the crack in the stones. He is searching. Hunting.





I feel like I’m not paying enough attention to my blog. I haven’t updated Shadow of the Colossus’ Lorequest in quite a while and March is appearing to be a slow month. Or people are just going outside for the first time this year and don’t want to stay inside reading blogs. If that’s the case, keep doing what you’re doing! Even so I still feel like I need to spend more time here. Oh and it also gives me something tiny to cling onto to let me know that as soon as college is over, I won’t be completely without jobs, prospects, or hope.

I mean, I can always write but I’d be doing that every day even if I lost my hands and eyes.

Oh well, might as well enjoy the familial and the comfortable before real life snatches it all away from me!


I need my own little castle in the forest to hide in. With a moat made out of jello.

Just saying.



Best of luck, you brave writer folk!








7 comments on “Friday Fictioneers: Castle Walls

  1. Dear Michael,

    I do know of one stepfather who’s a hundred times better than the biological father. He’s the husband of a good friend of mine. There…I hope I’ve restored your faith in stepfathers. 😉

    Well told story. It does look like a good hiding place for a kid.



  2. I hope he finds another good hiding place and fast! Enjoyed reading your story.

  3. Nan Falkner says:

    I agree with Rochelle, it is a good hiding place! Not all stepfathers are evil, and Cinderella had a horrible stepmother, so it isn’t always wise to make up your mind before you know the person, however, in your case you evidently have history here and that speaks volumes! Nan

  4. Creatopath says:

    I like how you’ve used the fire-breathing dragon to describe the step-dad.

  5. i b arora says:

    may be one day he will learn to deal with the dragon

  6. gahlearner says:

    It’s a great insight to view the step parent as the intruder, seen from the child’s point of view. Describing the stepfather as a dragon circling the castle is also a great image. This is a great story.

  7. I think only by escaping into a fantasy worlds you can really get by in such an awful situation…Stepfathers (and mothers) usually have a difficult situation as well I think.. it takes a lot of energy to really gain the confidence of the new family…

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