Five Sentence Fiction: In Golf




So I just went full-crazy with this one. I know that usually my five sentence fiction stuff is usually really charged with what I happen to be thinking in real life (I wonder if it has to do with the fact that I thinking in huge stream-of-consciousness and run-on-sentence ways when I’m just meandering around campus and life) so I figured I’ll just go full creative non-fiction this time because really, I wanted to make a full-on pun with this “engulf” prompt (I guess I feel compelled to always make some kind of pun out of the word prompt, oddly enough) and I have a lot of feelings about golf and golf courses.



Have fun~





Word of Inspiration: Engulf

Word Count: 201

Genre: Creative Non-Fiction

Title: In Golf



In golf, it is a crime that the little cart can’t be used for anything else but continuing the cycle of laziness inherent in the sport; you hardly even get any exercise. In golf, you have reign over such a huge course that eats up so much damn land that it gives a man and his dog a false hope that the neighborhood they moved to has ample park space. In golf, the players are more than content to let themselves rule over their little green kingdom, probably in willful ignorance of the fact that the game rules them. You know what, I’m stuck on this whole “taking up land for, of all things, golf,” point; it’s really distressing to see something called “Baker Park,” and to think, Wow, that sure looks nice, I’d love to walk my dog there, but then you notice the “golf course” underneath it in the goshdarn fine print. This is why you always need to check your local listings to know just what you’re getting into and how many worms are going to be in this can you’re about to open and will said worms borrow through your ears and into your brain at night?





As George Carlin once said, “PARDON ME, I HAVE NOTHING TO SAY.


Probably because I just got done watching BabaDook. It was good up until that one part. People who have seen it know what I mean. Suffice to say, I missed the last half hour or so.



Good luck, you brave writer folk!






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