Five Sentence Fiction: Gateway Drugs




It’s true, it’s all true. What you are about to read is almost frustratingly true. It really has developed into a kind of addiction and I don’t there’s a single one of us who are feeling of the pull of said addiction that could say that we’re unhappy with it.

Which makes it seem like I’m going to be writing about some kind of extremely disreputable debauchery. Well, depending on your interpretation of success and if you have any kind of respect for monetary success, it may be some kind of pure weightless debauchery in your eyes.

But I doubt that very much, given the site I’m on.


Have fun~




Word of Inspiration: Entrance

Word Count: 173

Genre: Creative Non-Fiction

Title: Gateway Drugs


The amount of times I have heard the term “gateway drugs” thrown about like softballs has reached into the realm of new and theoretical numbers. Well, what nobody had bothered to tell us impressionable children was what exactly constituted a “gateway drug”— we thought they would just be the obvious things: green leaves that looked like mold, powder that you swear was actually salt, and really anything in a hypodermic needle found outside of a doctor’s office. But nobody had ever thought to tell us about the most addicting, most soul-strangulating drug of all, the one of black letters printed onto white pages. White pages we named ourselves and black letters of our own creation— twenty-six different letters spun in infinitely different ways so that what one of us wrote, nobody else did. I walked through the gateway f this drug when I looked back at what I written for the first time in those infinite black letters and found that I had never known real happiness until I had known real addiction.






Is Outlander any good? Does anybody know? I’m “watching” a little bit of it in the background now and I can’t make heads or tails of it. I feel like once watching Game of Thrones and reading Song of Ice and Fire, I can’t get as much into medieval books or shows (LOTR doesn’t count because it’s a movie and it’s beautiful) unless they’re really harsh and realistic. Then again, Outlander is in the early 1700’s, yes? Maybe I’ll just wing it. Worked with Downton Abbey, I guess.


Good luck, you brave writer folk!





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