Friday Fictioneers: Smoke Signals




Fun facts about this one: I was actually listening to Counting Crow’s “Accidently in Love”while on WikiHow when I was writing this. And “smoke signals” has been in my head since seeing this week’s picture, so it really seemed like a match made in haeven. It’s like heaven but once they messed up the neon sign out front, they didn’t have the budget to fix it. It’s the Motel 6 of afterlifes, really.

Anyway, I thought that was just a fun little tidbit. Writing these is always so high-octane. I either spill the whole thing out onto paper in about 60 seconds or I just mull over it until the former event happens. It’s exciting, like finding a dinosaur bone in your vegetable garden. Except I’m not making millions of dollars and resurrecting a long-dead piece of history.

I’ll just have to settle for helping to keep the history-making act of human creative alive I guess. If I have to.


Have fun~




Image Copyright: Roger Bultot
Image Copyright: Roger Bultot


Word Count: 100

Genre: Realistic Fiction

Title: Smoke Signals



I don’t know nothing about love but I read about it on WikiHow. How to Know You’re in Love. Be frank (can’t I be George instead [still waiting to find somebody who laughs at that one]?). Send up smoke signals on days so clear that contrails are as permanent as stitches on a ruptured heart.

So what do you say, world? What kind of a person do you think I am, casting these shapes into the sky? Do they stick in shape and carry ashes of me inside them or is the sky grey and windy and pushing them away?






You know what the worst part of signing into a site is? You never know what you’ve done wrong in your password because the letters are just tiny dots? So unless you want to look like a big dingus and stare at the keys as you hit them, you might start sweating yourself dry because you think some incredibly devious hacker has totally hijacked your totally important Amazon account!

Actually, that’s a really bad thing. At least for people who have their credit card information saved on their. I do not, though. Because I’m paranoid and do not try SkyNet.

Speaking of Amazon, HERE is Garamoush’s free promotion! Hurry hurry, children, the special second edition is free until only this Monday!



Good luck, you brave writer folk!






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