Five Sentence Fiction: Friction




Is it just some kind of unwritten rule that I need to fail to log in to my blog at least two times. The hidden dangers of having your passwords replaced with little unblinking black eyes.


Anyway, here I am. I have no forgotten about this place. In fact, I have a BRAND NEW LOREQUEST which I’ll put up here TOMORROW. I swear. It’s even all-new, meaning I’m taking a break from Shadow of the Colossus/I’m very slowly working on all those damn Colossus entries one-by-one.

In the meantime though, here’s another existential crisis piece in five sentences or less, courtesy of a senior about to graduate college.






Word of Inspiration: Changes

Word Count: 139

Genre: Creative Non-Fiction

Title: Friction



Whenever I hear the bells of the campus church chime, I imagine myself stuck in-between the last chime and the vast unbroken space beyond. I spent these four years figuring out who I am and what I want from life— some people go their entire lives without learning those things, so I’m proud (and then some) that I came through. Unfortunately, nobody wants you at workplace, they want what a cutout, a repertoire of résumé skills covered by a letter with “JOHN (or JANE) DOE” splattered across the top in corporate black. And the only thing I have a lot of right now is uncertainty and tightening feels in the gut. And, let’s face it; nobody wants to employ a doubt-ridden college grad with what may be indigestion at best and a crippling sense of being lost at worst.






FUN(ish) TRIVIA TIME: I actually chose this title because the page was still loading when I accidentally mis-typed “fiction.” And so I thought that it works, so I might as well just keep it.

Riveting stuff, I know.


Also, I saw a fun quote today which went something like this: “If you’re being told to be more creative or imaginative by somebody who invented the cubicle farm, you know it’s time to quit.”

Damn straight, person who obviously works at a huge insurance company.


I swear I’ll get that Lorequest up tomorrow! I’m actually really excited about it, even if it might just be a one-off.



Good luck, you brave writer folk~






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