Friday Fictioneers: You’re a Bird




Well, this week was a bit of blunder, I admit. Rather than my usual burst of pseudo-perception, I simply couldn’t concentrate for the life of me. But when one mixes an existential crisis, good news about a book publishing, baby’s first bar crawl, and the impending end to a college career, Friday Fictioneers is unfortunately trod underfoot.

But I still made something up about a really annoying bird. No, it’s not taken from real life specifically but there IS a stupid cardinal that has been harassing my family at home for over a year now.

The damn thing’s immortal and knows no bounds of how it can annoy us.


Have fun~




Image Copyright: Douglas M. MacIlroy

Image Copyright: Douglas M. MacIlroy


Word Count: 100

Genre: Realistic Fiction

Title: You’re a Bird



There’s a bird on my windowsill. I bet it can’t see me. But oh, I can. I can see you, little bird of the—

*one trip to Google later*

—American Robin species. You think you’re so clever, warbling away like you’re a monolith on a mountain. You think I couldn’t come over there right now and turn you into what goes into a sandwich.

I know I’m a pacifist, but you don’t. You don’t even know what that word mean. You’re a bird.

I am a superior human bein—

And then you just fly away.

I wish I could fly…





I bet this coming week will be much better, although with school still threatening to end (pretty much forever, too unless some poor unfortunate grad school decides to accept me), I may still be equally as unreliable. But I’ll try! And I’ll try even harder to not use the same style of post-writing as the one I use in Five Sentence Fiction. Meaning stream-of-consciousness inspired way too much by on real life.

I’m very tired. It’s very early in the morning. A whole 10:30.

But I was up until 2:30! I don’t like waking up late!

I’m a weird college student, yeah.



Good luck, you brave writer folk!





2 comments on “Friday Fictioneers: You’re a Bird

  1. Dear Michael,

    It has been a busy week indeed. Sometimes I wish I could fly away, too. Better late than never.



  2. ansumani says:

    The last line said it all. Good!

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