Five Sentence Fiction: Deception



So, remember when I said I’d be doing lots of blog posts again after school ended? Yeah well, remember when I also said that I was going to get mysteriously ill with a violent, feverish, hacking cough? No, I don’t either. But here I am, pretty much done with this horrible hacking nightmare and I present to you a rather sour Five Sentence Fiction.

More to come, I swear!



Have fun~




Word of Inspiration: Memories

Word Count: 160

Genre: Creative Non-Fiction

Title: Deception


Memories are deceiving; they’re fickle, devilish little angels. Almost a week ago, I stepped down from the stage onto the commencement plaza with my diploma in a green leather-bound tube. With all of my friends by my side, I smiled wide for all the parent’s cameras and couldn’t possibly remember a single bad memory that we shared (despite the fact that we had plenty of nasty times altogether- c’est la vie). And I remembered all those same fantastic times, those utterly and irreplaceably unique times that could have only been had by my friends and I, all the way home; except, I had to keep myself from crying rather than laughing as I drove further and further away from my second home and family. Now, almost a week later, I’m running out of video games, television, and other unique collections of 1’s and 0’s, that can keep me from remembering all those “good” memories that make me want to cry.




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