Friday Fictioneers: Heaven on Earth




Neverminding that I was sick and hacking for almost all of last week, this week’s picture was just hard to work with. If it was a running faucet, it would have been fine- nice and easy to make it into a story about excess and indulgence. If it was a dripping faucet, it would have been fine- nice and easy to make it into a story about deprivation, emptiness, and wanting.

Instead though, this was just a faucet. Just a dry, static faucet.

Just what am I supposed to even do with that?!


This, apparently.


Have fun~




Image Copyright: Madison Woods

Image Copyright: Madison Woods


Word Count: 100

Genre: Realistic Fiction

Title: Heaven on Earth



Nobody mentioned how lonely heaven-on-earth is.

“Why the frown?” my friend asked me.

“I forgot what it’s like down there,” I said. From this sacred artist monastery, this golden perch with velvet rope bars, I can barely see the foggy (supposed) Hell below.

“Don’t even waste a thought on the Down-There,” he said. “Look around you.”

I looked around me. It was the same breathtaking beauty a painter like myself would cry with joy over. But now I’m parchment-dry.

“I want to work at Target,” I said. “I want to remember the world.”

My friend just gaped and sputtered nonsense.






I wish I had more space to sculpt the actual physical space that the “I” and the “friend” occupy. I actually did want to put it up on a mountain monastery looking down on suburbia. I’m just going to ignore the very likely situation that there are no high mountain monasteries located anywhere within eyeshot of a Target.

Oh well, maybe it’s all supposed to be METAPHORICAL~ anyway.

I just had a dry faucet to deal with!



Good luck, you brave writer folk!





2 comments on “Friday Fictioneers: Heaven on Earth

  1. micklively says:

    The paramedics assume you want to live for ever and will do their best to revive you. Maybe that’s not a good assumption.

  2. Dear Micheal,

    Interesting take on the prompt. Re your comments about working with a dry faucet…the faucet can be running in your story. It’s not what you’re looking at…;)



    PS your character needs to aim higher than Target.

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