Five Sentence Fiction: Choo Choo




Quick quick, I must be off to Chicago and I need to catch the train in an hour! Good heavens, what am I doing here posting this here post? Oh right, because I technically missed last week (I blame the disappearing frog) of Five Sentence Fictions and I love the word “steam” and its connotations.

So I think I can cut my adventure kind of close if it means that I can talk to what steam means to me to you fine people.

Also, is it just me or should I try to expand on my method of writing Five Sentence Fiction so it’s less about my actual life. At least not all the time, anyway. It’s fiction after all, darnit! Maybe I’ll just go for more of an avant-garde like this entry or the earlier one about a train.


Have fun~




Word of Inspiration: Steam

Word Count: 137

Genre: Realistic Fiction

Title: Choo Choo


Mountains of adversity, compressed and contained, were mined for coal but they’ll never become diamonds. We’re young, we grab the sun by the spokes, and our engines are hungry and clawing for fuel. We ride the rails like the kids of old (they were younger than us, we drive Hondas, they ride in boxcars), our paths set and our power our own, we want steam in our engines to push us and shove us (Only forward, of course— only forward…[!]) to where we were meant to be.

But don’t tell anybody (especially not us) that it’s a fiction that we’re writing because we’re lying through our teeth (and don’t even talk to us about resumes, we just made them all up)!

We’re picking up speed now, can’t put the brakes on these gradated crazy trains!

Choo choo






Technically there’s more than five sentences in this post but one of them only used an implied punctuation and the fine line doesn’t even have punctuation. I evaded grammatical correctness just to meet a guideline!

Did you know that it’s incredibly difficult to type something like this while listening to what amounts to a video game talk show? Every other word is somehow distorted or messed up as a result of the antics of Mark from Classic Game Room.

Now I gotta go catch that train and finish writing this blasted outro!



Good luck, you brave writer folk!







One comment on “Five Sentence Fiction: Choo Choo

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