Five Sentence Fiction: A Much-Needed Distraction




Even though I really am trying to not have my Five Sentence Fiction stories not just reflect my real life all the time, I feel like this one ended up being okay since I never really explicitly stated anything about myself. Oh and I never actually crashed into a tree. It was a telephone pole. And it was cold as all heck. And icy. Really, it was just a bad time. And it certainly didn’t give me anything that could be considered much-needed.

Although it did give me time to play Dragon Age: Origins. Not like that was something I was terribly happy with either, though.

But I did stay home from school that day, which was neat!


Have fun~




Word of Inspiration: Diversions

Word Count: 131

Genre: Realistic Fiction

Title: A Much-Needed Distraction


I thought that I simply couldn’t take it anymore, I wasn’t thinking of doing anything stupid or rash mind you, I just really wanted to get away from it all— from grocery shopping and board meetings and prime time television. This life with so little to do and so much expected of you; a life filled with idiots pretending to be kings and geniuses with the voices of mice.

So, like the dumb grad student I had just finished being, I got into my car and started driving through the hazy night. I didn’t even notice the way the car swerved or the tree rapidly approaching me until I thought back on the night from my hospital bed.

I found this little bit of sidetracking to be exactly what I needed.






Well, I was hoping to get this post out before it became June 1st but since this website seems to run on mysterious pseudo-seconds, I’ll just think of this as a christening of this month. I probably would have gotten this out sooner if I wasn’t distracted and hated the pre-writing stress of these totally unscripted and unrehearsed intros and outros. Perhaps I am a fool for expecting myself to actually make something coherent and sensible out of these.

Oh and watching Breakfast at Tiffany’s doesn’t help much either. Curse you, Truman Capote and your ability to write engagingly human characters that I can’t look away from even as they do nothing at all! Also, I realize that Capote didn’t write the film but still!



Good luck, you brave writer folk!







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