Friday Fictioneers: Warm Breath




Friday Fictioneers? You mean Saturday, right?

Saturday Fictioneers just doesn’t roll of the tongue the same way, I guess though. Not like that’s going to stop me from being a day late, though!

Actually, I would have posted this yesterday, but because WordPress operates on some heathen time where it’s always tomorrow at only 11PM, I decided not to. It wouldn’t have changed anything in my submission date but I just wanted to write my bigger, more important stuff instead. Totally worth it.



Have fun~




Image Copyright:  C. Hase

Image Copyright: C. Hase


Word Count: 100

Genre: Horror/Realistic Fiction

Title: Warm Breath



It was a strange little B&B all the way out in nowhere. Irish countryside and rain gave the place a cold and close feeling. The owner was a throaty man who breathed way too loudly.

The colossal fish-tank in the lobby caught my attention almost immediately. The detail was amazing, including a beach with matching small tree and rusted ship chain. There was even a shipwrecked skeleton amongst the sand. It almost looked real in its accuracy.

The owner’s breath was suddenly very close to my face and murderously warm.

And I suddenly realized that I really shouldn’t be there.






What’s with WordPress being really janky? Yesterday, the comment system totally botched my story for Flash! Friday and now I can’t get the blue frog to post into this entry. I mean, I’m sure it’s probably nothing and I’ll have it sorted off after using the traditional, “Turn it off then on again,” method of fixing something.

You know what Sci-fi technology I don’t see enough of? A kind of helmet or headset that lets you talk directly with computers. That certainly would make it easy to micromanage resources and fix problems as if you were just rearranging Legos.

It would also make these darn magical boxes a little less frustrating. That is, until the headset itself starts acting up. So then you make a headset to talk to the headset and then the bird is watched by the birdwatcher who is watched by the watchman and so on and so on until oblivion.

Thank goodness I’m not a scientist.



Good luck, you brave writer folk!






3 comments on “Friday Fictioneers: Warm Breath

  1. Dear Michael,

    I’d say he needs to run, don’t walk!

    Sorry about all your technical woes.



  2. Margaret says:

    I love how you set the scene – great mood and atmosphere, and intriguing characters. Great finish too. I’ll stay away from fish tanks, I think.

  3. gahlearner says:

    Oh, next he’ll find himself in the fish tank? This is creepy, great take on the prompt.

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