Five Sentence Fiction: Let the Day In




Okay, so I’m cutting this one a little close, but it’s just 1:30 here. That means I’ve been awake for about 4 hours only. I’m still waking up! I think this is my shortest Five Sentence Fiction ever but I felt this was the story that went best with the prompt word, so there you go!

Oh and I still haven’t forgotten about Lorequest. I’m going to start working on the next Shadow of the Colossus entries soon. Given how quickly I can churn them out if I really sick down and think about them, I can probably get Colossus #5 and #6 done in one or two sittings. I just have to convince myself that I should sit down for all that time and crank them out. That’s the real issue!

In the meantime, I may have a new short story to place up on here. Depends on if I totally botched the submission form to the contest I submitted it to and, let’s face it, I probably did.

It’s me, after all.


Have fun~




Word of Inspiration: Fresh

Word Count: 98

Genre: Realistic Fiction

Title: Let the Day In


“Let’s open up a window in here and let in the day, how does that sound?”

Steven doesn’t respond; I don’t know why I expected any different. Maybe it’s just hope again, seeping into my already waterlogged brain. Hope that one day that dear child will wake up and push his clinically-clean-cut bangs away from his eyes and say yes to me— he’ll say, “Yes dad, open the window.”

Instead, there’s just birds outside tweeting and flapping as if there wasn’t a single grain of sand in their feathers, not even the slightest weight to hold them down.






If cloning becomes totally viable and even easy eventually, will we even need people anymore? Couldn’t some totally mad-as-a-hatter person just kill all of us off and then clone a bunch of perfect human beings (nevermind that oxymoron) to take our places? I think about the ultimate fate of humanity and its impending replacement way too much. See The Mortal Efforts series and (when we finally get around to it [read as: God-knows-when]) Sewn Together to see how this interest has manifested itself.

I’ll just stew on that for a while while I prepare to write my next ever-so-cheery piece of flash fiction.



Good luck, you brave writer folk!






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