Flash! Friday: Geniusproof




While these Flash! Friday fiction thingies are a lot of fun, they sure do eat into my time where I could be doing nothing productive. How dare it interfere so blatantly and unapologetically? Unapologetically isn’t a word? I did not know this, considering I use it all the time. Oh, the strict Oxfordian (another non-word, it seems) rules of English.


Have fun~




Word of Inspiration: Deja Vu

Title: Geniusproof

Word Count: 210


I have a plan. A plan to create the capstone of innovation, the pinnacle of science.

All of humanity’s inventions have culminated in this testament to our greatness.

The old salt mine has served me well in space and solitude and “misfiled” tax returns helped spin turbines and rewrite reality’s bylaws. I’ll send the taxpayers a gift basket for their help. Or perhaps a dinosaur bone. Both are possible now.

Caterpillar eyebrows aloft, my colleague had asked me, “How does it work?”

“Very well,” I returned.

He shook his head and left me.

But won’t he feel silly when I show up at his birthday party five years ago?

So now I am ready, ready to prove all the doubters wrong. The chamber is close around me, like a womb ready for rebirth…. and there’s nobody else here to throw the lever. Oh well, nothing a broom can’t solve. Perhaps I’ll even take it with me and pretend to be a witch in King Arthur’s time.

I stretch until the broom hovers over the trigger of destiny which lays cool and steady in steel.

Here comes the future…


I have a plan—

I have a plan—

I have a plan—

I have a plan—

I have made a grave mistake.







Now, the real question is: is his plan proof of his genius or if his plan so mind-numbingly half-baked that not even a genius could find his/her way through it? Well, I’m going to say the latter, probably going off of the fact that he’s now stuck in a temporal loop. Or, at least that’s what I was intended. 210 words to talk about botched time travel is a really challenge, don’cha’know!



Good luck, you brave writer folk!







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