Friday Fictioneers: Long Live the Grief




For the first time in my blog’s history, I’m writing this from someone else’s computer! I’m over at my friend’s house celebrating his birthday. Which may make you question why I’m even here instead of celebrating? Well, Mr./Mrs. Nosypants, I’m celebrating in my own way while listening to my friends destroy each other in Magic: The Gathering. It’s a very gentlemanly game until somebody wants to tear the opponent’s head off because he played Pacifism for the third time.

Not speaking from experience or anything…


Time for something serious.


Have fun~




Image Copyright:  Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

Image Copyright: Rochelle Wisoff-Fields


Word Count: 100

Genre: Realistic Fiction

Title: Long Live the Grief


If these walls could talk, they would wail.

Wise and bearded in his fatherhood, the lord of our old family castle ruled with care and generosity. But there was a weakness in his lineage. Assassins too small to see put an end to his liver. The rest of him died with it. Much of the royal family died with the lord, too. I’m the last one to close the front gates, to bar our old castle against thieves and ghosts with keen memories.

My fingers carry dust as I close my past.

The king is dead, long live the grief.








After seeing that giant lantern/light thingy just reminded me of Kenneth Branagh’s Hamlet. I’ve only ever seen a few scenes of that but my goodness it’s opulent! I assume most of you well-read folk are aware of the plot of Hamlet by now, so it’s not very much of a SPOILER when I say that the whole movie got ruined for me when I saw Kenneth Branagh throw his sword off of a balcony into Derek Jacobi from all the way down the hall. What the heck, man. That just ruined everything. Kate Winslet, on the verge (it’s not a pun, I swear!) of her Titanic fame, so her  subtlety was just out of the friggin’ window.

Opulent palace, Branagh throwing a sword, Winslet being a little too good at being convincingly out of her mind…

Perhaps I was wrong to expect subtlety out of that movie…



Good luck, you brave writer folk!







2 comments on “Friday Fictioneers: Long Live the Grief

  1. Dear Michael,

    “Assassins too small to see,,,” what a great line. Each of us celebrates in his or her own way and its the same with grief. Long live your story.



  2. […] As much as I love my blog and all you readers, I don’t know how happy my Friday will be with me if I spend it all with you, though. I had to take time away from my friend’s birthday celebrations last time to post my most recent Friday Fictioneers. […]

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