Friday Fictioneers: To He it Concerns




Well, this is a bit of an odd feeling, isn’t it? It’s been practically all quiet on the Wettengel front for about a week. That’s what I get when Five Sentence Fiction doesn’t show up for a whole week, my laptop was almost on its deathbed, and I was running around on interviews all week.

I swear, one day I will remember to do the next Lorequest. Perhaps I’ll do it tomorrow alongside Flash! Fridays and Five-Sentence Fiction.

As much as I love my blog and all you readers, I don’t know how happy my Friday will be with me if I spend it all with you, though. I had to take time away from my friend’s birthday celebrations last time to post my most recent Friday Fictioneers.

Boy, with how complicated I make things, it’s really no wonder relationships end up being like a big game of time-management chess for me.


Have fun~




Image Copyright:  Kent Bonham
Image Copyright: Kent Bonham


Word Count: 100

Genre: Realistic Fiction

Title: To He it Concerns



Dear, the breaker of families,


I found your photo with my mother, singed and in the trash. She put it there herself and she blackened it. You must feel awful learning that.

My father was on an arctic oil rig for a year and you came and plundered my family. My mother was lonely and I was young. You ended up leaving her more alone than ever.

But I have to thank you for your stupidity— this letter should reach you if the address on the back of the photo is still valid.

I’ll be paying you a visit soon.






Well, I was just going to sigh and say something along the lines of, “Ho hum I wish I could write something like Battle of Dinnerplate 6 again” but this time, I actually have something useful to say. The new and independent publisher Ceti Publishing has just officially come alive. Why is this a big deal? Well, “big” is relative, but it decided to pick up Garamoush for republishing. Currently I’m hard at work on almost totally retooling the entire book, from its style to its chapter composition, in order to bring it up to speed with the quality I presume to have achieved after an additional year of schooling.

Ceti specializes in up-and-coming (again, relatively speaking) speculative fiction authors, so those who are interested in seeing what the indie community can come up with outside of the ungodly maze that is Amazon’s book section, should check Ceti out.

Facebook link is here!

Website link is here!


The ending of this endnote is HERE (finally)!



Good luck, you brave writer (and reader) folk!




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