Five Sentence Fiction: C Student




So, I had a dream last night (or is it “this morning” since I went to sleep around 2:30AM?) and it was one of my narrative dreams where it had an actual story, lore, and could actually be something interesting to listen to. So hey, maybe alongside Lorequest, I can start turning my more story-based dreams into miniature narratives to be read for whoever is interested.

Plus, these dreams are just on the entertainingly bizarre side. This most recent one involved the Xenomorph from Alien. Naturally, hijinks ensued.


Anyway, have fun~




Word of Inspiration: Waves

Word Count: 150

Genre: Realistic Fiction

Title: C Student



When I was young, my friends were make fun of me for all the Cs I would get on my report cards by adding lines to them and claiming that my report said I was in the KKK. Well, twenty years later, somebody else is laughing now; all my friends became rocks, weighed down by intellect and ambition. Wood will never make the splash of a rock but there’s one thing that all of the rocks, all the top-deck aces of the world, always forget— rocks don’t float but wood bobs on despite the storms. While A+ students fall like meteors, sewing life and burning worlds, I’ll be here to watch it all— good enough to survive but small enough to avoid judgement from pride or jealousy. Who was really the smarter one if they’re burnt at 30 and I’ll live to 85 with a spiteful grin all the while?






Also, since Shadow of the Colossus’ Lorequest is taking forever (and will keep taking forever since its a whole freaking odyssey to find lore for that game), I’m thinking I might expand into the utterly delightful Over the Garden Wall show and try to unravel the lore in there. Oh and it gives me an excuse to watch the entire show again.



Good luck, you brave writer folk!





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