Flash! Friday: Shakespeare in the Shower




The three folks I admire most, Fictioneers, Flash!, and the Five-Sentences, they caught the last post for the coast on the day the month of June died.


Associating myself with Don McLean and using his lyrics as if I am anywhere near his equal- that’s reason 46 that I’ll be going to hell.


Eternal damnation aside, here’s my most recent Flash! Friday entry. I had a lot of fun with this one, considering how difficult the last one was. Plus I got to make a person absolutely miserable for the fun and enjoyment of others! That’s always a plus! And also reason 47 why I’m bound for hellfire!


Have fun~




Word of Inspiration: Writer

Title: Shakespeare in the Shower

Word Count: 210


Life is hard. Alright? I made some mistakes. Okay? Booze and blood were my vices. Hallucinations and wounds were my rewards. My therapist told me to try writing as a kind of “artistic nonsense therapy.”
But to write, I needed to read. Books are hard, so I turned to plays.

Yesterday I was just throwing out my trash. I never expected to find a man inside. I asked him why he was there.
“I am waiting,” he said.
“Please say its not for Godot,” I groaned.
“Nonsense. This is not my endgame.”
I slammed the steel lid down and rolled the can into the street. I hope the first horns I hear are the coroner’s.
This morning, I found Shakespeare in my shower (clothed, thank God). I promised him a painful death.
“All’s well that ends well,” he said.
“Just because you’re dead doesn’t mean I won’t strangle you.”
“As you like it,” he said.
And then he was gone, my hands choking open air.

Writing is surprisingly dangerous. It comes with the weight and ghosts of history; they cover me like dark iron skies filled with archer arrows.
I wrote that line down; I can use it in some writing. My life is just one big story, after all.







Frong: A totally made up absolutely legitimate word that is an amalgamation of “Frog” and “wrong.” It’s definitely not just the accidental slip of the finger while typing. But hey, it works for talking about not having a blue frog when one is desperately needed.


And that’s what I’m sticking with.



Good luck, you brave writer folk!





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